Dreamers Inc.


Dreamers Inc_High Res-9Dreamers Inc_High Res-9Dreamers Inc. have just launched their exciting new range of gorgeous children’s bedding and it’s super fun! Fresh and contemporary, all designs have been inspired by Nordic elements, with vibrant graphic elegance that will help modernise any little room or nursery.

bqJaDzzVD0xRbT5kSSKncXQSW2zQRfCF_C6h_A-JUAw,f4nbJDJanf05Eisr95Azr_2kBGBpUiK6CF8NpSsCla0From the super girlie Pink Dove to the elegant Dragon Fly, the flowy Goldfish, the ultra-modern Green Budgie and the eye popping Green Beetle your child will surely find a friend to fall in love with.

image003The Dreamers Inc. collection offers bed sheets for single beds ($169) and cots ($69); pillow cases ($39) and decorative cushions ($59).

8rV6wBXKptes7c6K1tMj0sRf_FabMb6wPUmhqkF9a0M,29cROubHyzprHijmlVg-0DEqAe4-_Lkig2ShHjCXHJ4,34tkdzXsZMPWv3VHNe34ODKb5FWDz8x811auvpQeyfwThe front of a Dreamers Inc. pillow features a singular graphic-designed animal-motif on a fresh white background, whilst the back of the pillowcases showcases multiple images.



DipticDreamers Inc. is a family affair created by sisters in law designers Nina & Karin Altman. Their diverse expertise and backgrounds in textiles and fashion was the perfect start to this modern day kids label. Combining the latest trend in fashion and interior design while keeping a traditional high quality linen standard and throwing in ultra modern technology in to the mix Dreamers Inc. was born.

dMrtZhwLoyJnlhklgIFWHGIn8IEKhRfV7wcrz1PHLqk,23Iv3SDAnUfqTJ5h98Kv5yogugW5A5T9OMV7CBwisMM‘We are planning to design larger sizes for next season.  We are constantly designing and coming up with new and exciting ideas for upcoming new designs.’  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about what else this talented duo have up their sleeves!